2 months ago we came back to the basement that we rehearsed in for so long. Our goal was to teach our new bass player the old material and continue on with the way things were rolling when we took a break. 2 months later we just finished up our latest practice and we have enough material for an entire new album. It's crazy how one small change can bring a new feel of inspiration. We are excited to get back out and play the new stuff and of course some of the old stuff. We are even more excited to get our first studio album rolling, but most of all we are ecstatic to be doing what we love once again.
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We would like to thank the Tennessean and our wonderful fans for nominating us for Sumner's Choice 2014 Best Local Musicians. No doubt had some stiff competition (cough, cough...Taylor Swift). It was an honor just to be nominated, very groovy guys!
Big thanks to everyone who voted for us as well as Nashville Universe for the nominations for the 2014 Nashville Universe Awards. We were honored to be in 3 categories "Entertainer Of The Year" , "Song Of The Year", and "Songwriter Of The Year". Congrats to all the winners. Now we look forward to the future and putting together the tracks for our debut studio album, we will be hard at work the next few months with our producer Graham Waks to finish up the LP. 
Check out our single "Fever" from our upcoming album Folk'N Blues.
Happy to announce our partnership with T2 Music Inc. We have been working hard with them to set up a new page on their site and it has finally come together. Be sure to check them out at www.T2MusicInc.com We are booked up through April and have started booking for May and June so be sure to check in to see if we are coming to a city near you.
Check out our interview with Middle Tennessee Music.
A review of our single "Fever" from The Fan Connection. Much love guys!